All our images have been signed with our master key:

9E31 BD49 63FC 2D19 815F A718 0E2A 1E4B 25A4 25F6

Please read the FAQ to learn how to install and use the images/containers or simply download and use our nspawn wrapper script.

All images have the login: root/root

Linux Distribution Distribution Version Image Type Nspawn Init Command Download Link
Almalinux 9 raw nspawn -i almalinux/9/raw almalinux-9-raw
Almalinux 9 tar nspawn -i almalinux/9/tar almalinux-9-tar
Archlinux archlinux raw nspawn -i archlinux/archlinux/raw archlinux-archlinux-raw
Archlinux archlinux tar nspawn -i archlinux/archlinux/tar archlinux-archlinux-tar
Blackarch blackarch raw nspawn -i blackarch/blackarch/raw blackarch-blackarch-raw
Blackarch blackarch tar nspawn -i blackarch/blackarch/tar blackarch-blackarch-tar
Centos 9 raw nspawn -i centos/9/raw centos-9-raw
Centos 9 tar nspawn -i centos/9/tar centos-9-tar
Debian bookworm raw nspawn -i debian/bookworm/raw debian-bookworm-raw
Debian bookworm tar nspawn -i debian/bookworm/tar debian-bookworm-tar
Debian sid raw nspawn -i debian/sid/raw debian-sid-raw
Debian sid tar nspawn -i debian/sid/tar debian-sid-tar
Fedora 37 raw nspawn -i fedora/37/raw fedora-37-raw
Fedora 37 tar nspawn -i fedora/37/tar fedora-37-tar
Fedora 38 raw nspawn -i fedora/38/raw fedora-38-raw
Fedora 38 tar nspawn -i fedora/38/tar fedora-38-tar
Fedora 39 raw nspawn -i fedora/39/raw fedora-39-raw
Fedora 39 tar nspawn -i fedora/39/tar fedora-39-tar
Http apache raw nspawn -i http/apache/raw http-apache-raw
Http apache tar nspawn -i http/apache/tar http-apache-tar
Http nginx raw nspawn -i http/nginx/raw http-nginx-raw
Http nginx tar nspawn -i http/nginx/tar http-nginx-tar
Opensuse leap raw nspawn -i opensuse/leap/raw opensuse-leap-raw
Opensuse leap tar nspawn -i opensuse/leap/tar opensuse-leap-tar
Opensuse tumbleweed raw nspawn -i opensuse/tumbleweed/raw opensuse-tumbleweed-raw
Opensuse tumbleweed tar nspawn -i opensuse/tumbleweed/tar opensuse-tumbleweed-tar
Rocky 8 raw nspawn -i rocky/8/raw rocky-8-raw
Rocky 8 tar nspawn -i rocky/8/tar rocky-8-tar
Rocky 9 raw nspawn -i rocky/9/raw rocky-9-raw
Rocky 9 tar nspawn -i rocky/9/tar rocky-9-tar
Ubuntu jammy raw nspawn -i ubuntu/jammy/raw ubuntu-jammy-raw
Ubuntu jammy tar nspawn -i ubuntu/jammy/tar ubuntu-jammy-tar
Ubuntu lunar raw nspawn -i ubuntu/lunar/raw ubuntu-lunar-raw
Ubuntu lunar tar nspawn -i ubuntu/lunar/tar ubuntu-lunar-tar
Ubuntu mantic raw nspawn -i ubuntu/mantic/raw ubuntu-mantic-raw
Ubuntu mantic tar nspawn -i ubuntu/mantic/tar ubuntu-mantic-tar