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Linux DistributionTypeDownload Link
Arch Linuxtararchlinux-tar
Debian jessierawjessie-raw
Debian jessietarjessie-tar
Debian stretchrawstretch-raw
Debian stretchtarstretch-tar
Debian bustertarbuster-tar
Debian busterrawbuster-raw
Fedora 28rawfedora28-raw
Fedora 28tarfedora28-tar
Fedora 29rawfedora29-raw
Fedora 29tarfedora29-tar
Fedora 30rawfedora30-raw
Fedora 30tarfedora30-tar
Ubuntu Bionicrawbionic-raw
Ubuntu Bionictarbionic-tar
Ubuntu Xenialrawxenial-raw
Ubuntu Xenialtarxenial-tar